What's included in the membership?


Monthly live group coaching with me. Get step-by-step guidance to increase higher vibration emotions in your life. Release your fears and let your true self shine.


Monthly New and Full Moon Meditations, plus exclusive short meditation recordings to keep you peaceful and mindful of your emotions. Lower your stress and increase your joy at home or on-the-go.


You don't have to do it alone. An emotional reset  takes courage and dedication. I will personally guide you to create a life with more joy and freedom. If you are ready for that extra emotional support, then this holistic emotional therapy membership is for you!

Essential Oils for Emotional Support

Learn about the natural and positive effects of using essential oils to support your emotional wellbeing. Each month you will receive an exclusive essential oil class with recipe included.

Monthly Challenges

Keep your motivation high with a monthly emotional support community challenge to inspire you to make small changes with great positive effect.

Quarterly Surprises

Bonus classes, workshops, plus special offers and giveaways!

How does the Membership WOrk?

The Whole Bella Membership is  a Private Facebook Group Membership.

You will receive an invite to join the Whole Bella Living private group once you subscribe and pay your first monthly invoice.

As a Founding Member, you will join the Whole Bella Living at a special price. And here's the great news, your discount lasts FOR LIFE! 

As long as you remain a Whole Bella Living member , your discount continues. No matter what the future price becomes (and the cost will go up), you'll always pay your Founding Member rate :)!!

As a Founder Member, you can join the Whole Bella Membership for $25/month or if you want to save $61 per year, you can lower your monthly payment to $19.95/month once you become a doTERRA Wholesale Customer ($35/year membership) with me!!!

Now it's your time to make a choice...

Do you want LESS stress, anxiety, fear and guilt in your life

and MORE joy, freedom and self acceptance?

Choose your best payment rate and start your TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY!!


Whole Bella Membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Become part of the Whole Bella Living, facebook private group and every month enjoy emotional coaching, meditations, exclusive essential oil recipes, guidance and more!! 


Special Whole Bella Membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Save some $$$ by becoming a doTERRA Wholesale Customer. Simply pay a $35 membership fee, no monthly purchases required.

And get all the Whole Bella Membership benefits plus extra essential oil guidance from me at the special price of $19.95/month!  


What if I'm already a doTERRA wholesale customer?

If you are already part of the my doTERRA community you are all set and can join the membership at the special price of $19.95/month. 

If you are already a doTERRA member under another community you can still join our Whole Bella Membership at $25/month.

What if I'm new to doTERRA?

I have been using essential oils for more than 20 years and doTERRA is my favorite essential oil company for their high quality essential oil products. It will be an honor to support you in this new wellness journey. All you have to do is go to my doTERRA page Click on the Become a Member tab and enroll. After enrolling you can  join the Whole Bella Membership at the special price of $19.95

What is the payment method for the membership?

After you make your first payment online, using one of our links above, you will receive a monthly invoice via email for you to pay each month's emotional support membership.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Before the next monthly payment you can email us at hello@wholebella.com to let us know the reason for cancellation your emotional support  membership and you will be removed from the monthly invoice billing and the Whole Bella Living private group. No refunds on previous or current month.

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